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Torque Wrench Types Guide


Your toolkit is not ready without the appropriate torque wrench. This tool is often used to implement a pre-determined torque to the screw, such as a nuts or bolts. It enables precise parameters to be tightened to provide sufficient stress, without being at danger of over-stretching. There are several different forms of a torque wrench to pick from, including electrical and mechanical ones. If you are looking for a torque wrench tool for yourself, learn more about the varieties of torque wrenches provided in our post to select the ideal one for yourself.

Torque Wrench Types Guide

There seem to be five basic kinds of torque wrench accessible, and each has its very own advantages and disadvantages. Balancing these features to meet your individual needs better is essential for the right choice of tools.

Click Type

Maybe the most common model of torque wrench available today, the click-style is labelled because it creates a noticeable click whenever the required level of torque is achieved. This makes it extremely convenient to use. Present click wrenches are inexpensive and quite much as effective as either a beam-style wrench, making them a perfect option for all skill levels. The electromechanical torque wrench is really a modern version that also offers digital screen reading.

beam-style wrench

The disadvantage of this form of torque wrench is crucial to understand. Clicking does not avoid over-tightening, since you can rotate the wrench instead. Being able to prevent as quickly as you notice the click minimizes the over-torque level, but requires good engine power.

Digital Torque Wrench

Digital torque wrenches sometimes referred to as electronic, are torque modifiers attached to the electric motor. Such kinds of torque wrenches can be programmed to set the boundaries through which the torque amount is calculated. They offer audible warning when the appropriate torque is achieved and is shown through LED readings. Digital torque wrenches often have useful features including a memory-saving device that can be transferred to a pc to be used in word documents or files.

Digital Torque Wrench

Micrometer Torque Wrenches

The micrometer torque wrench provides forward as well as reverse functionality. It has a fast release mechanism, so it is simple to set change or read. It gives a quick, precise gripping fit for the metalworking, piping as well as other commercial applications. Although it is conveniently moveable, this instrument already has a rubber protector on the top for safety.

Slip Type

Simple but powerful, the slip-style wrench is supposed to lose traction when the required torque is reached. This has the advantage of minimizing over-torque risks while allowing for an inexpensive and reliable tool. The jaws in the head determine the torque of the slip level. Regrettably, with this instrument, you cannot control the existing torque and seldom manage a torque of more than 100 Nm, rendering them a bad option for high torque purposes.